Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Go-To Summer Holiday Essentials Guide

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We're back with another essentials guide and this time it's all about that vacation abroad!

With holiday season looming, it's time to buy your essentials, plan out your activities and make sure everything is prepared for your trip. That includes making sure your passport is still valid!

This list is based on a trip abroad to a hot country, becasue that's where we'd all love to be right now. Some points are gender specific or are unisex ideas, there are also some points for families.
Perhentian Islands, Malaysia
Shampoo                                ✈ Conditioner                                 ✈ Shower Gel
Body lotion             ✈ Face wipes / make-up remover                ✈ Female care
Haircare                     ✈ Razor / shaving cream                      ✈ Hairspray
  ✈ Insect Repellent            ✈ First aid kit / products         ✈ Dry shampoo
Deodorant                ✈ Brush / comb                ✈ Wash cloth
✈ Cosmetics                ✈ Toothbrush                ✈ Suncream
                 ✈ Toothpaste             ✈ Aftersun                ✈ Perfume / aftershave

✈ Clothes                                 ✈ Underwear                            ✈ Footwear
✈ Jacket                             ✈ Swimwear                       ✈Sleepwear
✈ Hat                              ✈ Everyday bag
           ✈ Phone                           ✈ Chargers                          ✈ Extension Lead
✈ Plug Adapters                 ✈ Tablet                      ✈ Camera
✈ Hair Tools                         ✈ Mp3/music
 How to Pack the Perfect Carry-On | Short and Long Flights
✈ Passport                            ✈ Country Currency                           ✈ Flight Socks
✈ Sunglasses                        ✈ Travel Insurance                        ✈ Cosmetics
✈ Map                    ✈ Hotel/Travel Documents                    ✈ Bank Card
  ✈ Phrase Book                    ✈ Cellotape                    ✈ Notebook/Pens
✈ Sewing Kit                    ✈ Ear Plugs                    ✈ Safety Pins
Travel Medication                    ✈ ID                    ✈ Book
✈ Copy of Passport & Important documents

           ✈ Clothing                           ✈ Underwear                          ✈ Activity Books
✈ Baby food                      ✈ Baby milk/powder                      ✈ Pacifiers
✈ Sun Hat                      ✈Armbands/floating items                      ✈Toy(s)
✈ Everything you feel your little one needs

Is there anything you feel I missed off this list? Where are you off on holiday this year?
Drop a comment in the box below!

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Friday, 10 April 2015

The Ultimate Festival Packing List

Glastonbury festival crowd sunset
Coachella kicks off today in Indio, California and if I say I'm not jealous of every attendee, well I'd be lying. With a stellar line up, A-class festival fashion and 2 fun weekends in the sun, I'm definitely not alone in my envy.

However, with so many festivals happening over the coming months, we shouldn't be too jealous. If you're off for a weekend (or week in some cases) of music filled fun, then I've devised the perfect list you'll need to ensure you've packed all the essentials. There's nothing worse than being unprepared and stuck in the mud. Literally. 

Please bear in mind that this list will not suit everybody, especially you picky bods, and some are more gender specific, but only you know your absolute essentials. We just want to help you on your way.

Click the links below for my reasons why these items are essential!

One thing to really think about when sorting out your gear is that you have to physically carry everything with you, over dirty, hilly, muddy grounds, to your campsite. If you can't carry it then don't take it!

If you don't want to lose it then don't bring it. Losing stuff is a bind at the best of times, but when you're on a campsite with thousands of people then the chances of finding what you lost is like finding a needle in a haystack. You're much better off with a disposable camera, or an old compact, and an old phone that won't be too heartbreaking if it gets trodden into the mud.

There are also restricted items at each festival so definitely check out the list on their website, they all provide the do's and don'ts.

Most festivals operate age restriction and regulations for various things. Take your ID so you aren't refused anything you're old enough to have. No one likes being the sober one because they thought they looked old enough to be served without ID.

Sleeping bag
Cooking stove, utensils & food
Spare tent pegs

I can't pack your bag for you but here are a few things to consider;
                                                    ♫ Travel & Festival tickets - obviously        Directions/Map
                                                    ♫ Cash & Cards                                        Old phone
                                                    ♫ Compact camera                                   Wellies
                                                    ♫ Take extra clothes                                 ♫ Take clothes you can bear being ruined
                                                    ♫ Light-weight waterproof jacket               Wet wipes 
                                                    ♫ Hand sanitiser                                       Hat
                                                    ♫ Bandannas/floral crowns/headpiece/hair accessories
                                                    ♫ Toilet roll                                               Travel John
                                                    ♫ Bin bags & plastic bags                         Torch
                                                    ♫ Sun protection                                       Toiletries
                                                    ♫ Umbrella                                                Sunglasses 
                                                    ♫ Earplugs                                                Lighter/matches
                                                    ♫ Towel                                                     Chargers & Batteries
                                                    ♫ Books/Magazines                                   Eye mask

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And obviously anything else you desire!
Did I miss anything off? If you think I did then leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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