Friday, 1 May 2015

The Travel John Lowdown

 If you're a regular traveller then the chances are, you know the struggle for finding an available toilet is real. You're driving down the motorway at rush hour and you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam after 10 glasses of water, you're desperate for the toilet, but unless you're okay doing your business on the side of the road where everyone can see you, you'll have to wait until you're at your destination.

If only there were some fantastic invention that could assist you in your hour of need.

Fear not! Travel John is here to save the day.

The Travel John demographic extends far and wide, much further than just festival goers and campers, but what situations will you actually need a disposable urinal? Below is a list of uses to help decide whether you'll be needing one soon.

- Campers        - Festivals        - Travellers        - Drivers
- Miners        - Roadtrip        - Underground        - Hikers
- Backpackers        - Cyclists        - Roadworkers        - RAF
- Long queues        - No bathroom access

For those of you who are still unsure as to what Travel John is, it's a range of products designed for those on the go. We range from disposable urinals to vomit bags to a foldable commode chair and a privacy tent. 

They are easy to use, absorbent and disposable.

If you're wondering where to use Travel John then the answer is; wherever is most convenient for you!
In the car, in the woods, underground or even on an airplane! You can use it anywhere as long as you don't mind an audience.

All that aside, the ultimate question here is, how do I use a Travel John?
This infographic shows how to test a disposable urinal, obviously resplace the water bottle with yourself when you actually need to use it!

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